The Ha

I am of Native Hawaiian, Blackfoot Indian, and Italian descent. I resonate with my Hawaiian roots, even though my Tutu would say I am “hapa haole” (half white) and then laugh while eating her manapua (stuffed chinese pork rib sandwich). While living on any active land, it is clear that all choices are informed by either abundance or scarcity, this belief underpins B4’s teachings. We choose abundance knowing that Tutu Pele (Goddess of the Volcano) reclaims all, and the only things we can own are our hearts and our hair. Giving gratitude to the people and places in our lives that changed us.

“Come bebe, and bless me with aloha (breath to breath). Ho’o Mai Kai’i” (blessings) says Tutu lady as we gently touch our foreheads and noses together. Taking three deep breaths before restoring back to normal. We call this Ha, the sharing and strengthening of breath. A way of honoring and bowing to all the other is and has yet to become.


Want to Share Ha?

  1. Find gratitude for the present moment

  2. Stand arms distance apart

  3. Gently place your foreheads and noses together

  4. Close your eyes

  5. Take three deep breaths. Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth.

  6. See one another when you pull away

  7. Let them see you


“You don’t do it wit just nobody. Only them who touch your heart, bebe. God forbid anything happens you can say at least I got the last Ha.” - Tutu Lady


Want to document your Ha?

  1. Follow the steps above

  2. Use our #’s #B4TheOther #vibrationalactivism #thecore #sharingha #ripples




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Mission: B4 The Other Creations strives to build stronger communities by holding space for the common experience through education and performance. Changing the language to change the story to one of abundance by deep diving into the core values of effort, risk, buoyancy, generosity, and vulnerability. Paving a path of Vibrational Activism in our everyday world.



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