Christopher J. Beaulieu

Co-Creator & Vibrational Activist

Known as “The Game Changer” and “The Playmaker” across the globe. Christopher believes that being willing to step into the unknown is required for original creation and fearless leadership. Being one of the pioneers of facilitating play work, he is certain that the level of effort, risk and communication we put into our lives is in direct correlation with what we get out of them.


Within B4, Christopher’s investigation of how we process our experiences with one another is key to how B4 builds foundational communities. With over twenty five years of experience in community building through play exploration, Christopher has been both training and submerging himself in a number of educational settings as both teacher and student. He believes that we are always learning, expanding and growing as it is required of us as artists and community leaders.


Trained in a number of physical theatre styles, Christopher began in 1989 with voice, text, stage combat, clown and dance at the world renowned Shakespeare and Company (Lenox, MA). His five years of both training and working for Shakespeare and Co. have been invaluable to both his passions and process. He uses his Linklater Voice training and Clown training in every classroom, they are essential to his mission. Christopher has taught thousands of students from all over the world in all of these theatre styles from the U.S. to Indonesia.


His journey for the past twenty years through Europe and North America has lead him to training, inspiration, teaching and creative performance by exploration in the worlds of:

Leqoc (Physical Theatre Character Movement)

Paddy Crean (Stage Combat)

Pina Bausch (Stage Movement and Modern Dance)

Pilobolus (Dance Theatre)

Slava Polunin (Performance Art and Clown)

Carlo Mazzone-Clementi & Dell Arte International (Commedia and Physical Theatre).


Christopher has been the Educational Outreach Director for Raleigh Little Theatre (Raleigh, NC), Education Director and Founder of Creatively Independent LLC (Austinville, VA) , Artistic Director for Rotations Theatre (Remscheid, Germany), Movement Chair of SETC (South East Theater Conference in Greensboro,NC) and now one of two Founding Directors of B4 The Other Creations (North Adams, MA).


Most recently he and his partner, Malia’Kekia, have created a new Community Building pedagogy for community leaders and educational staffs. This pedagogy is a blend of European theater styles coupled with play exploration exercises that helps bring the many facets of the clients community members to find common experience and ultimately a common language to build a future on.

Professional communities from Utah, Florida, NYC, England and Taiwan have experienced these workshops and are currently using these techniques based in Effort exploration, Play, Vulnerability & Risk exercises and Language reprogramming. Christopher has devoted his life to being an example of play, generosity and availability in the unknown to make B4 The Other Creations possible.

Awards: Paddy Crean SAFD, Recognized Advanced Actor Combatant with Society of American Fight Directors 

Training: Shakespeare & Company, Dell Arte International, Society of American Fight Directors, Pilobolus, and Creatively Independent.

Mission: B4 The Other Creations strives to build stronger communities by holding space for the common experience through education and performance. Changing the language to change the story to one of abundance by deep diving into the core values of effort, risk, buoyancy, generosity, and vulnerability. Paving a path of Vibrational Activism in our everyday world.



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