Performance  Residency

Performance residencies focused on Shakespeare, Arts Education, Professional Development, and original devised B4 Creations.

Guest Director and Choreographer for Musicals, Plays, Stage Combat,  and more!

Original devised theater residencies custom made for you and your community!

* For performance creation we ask for an engagement of Twenty Hour Minimum – Fifty Hour Maximum.

Price varies with hours, travel, and housing ($2,500 - $6,000). Contact The Core of B4 for scheduling and booking information specific for your community.*

The Open Book Residency

An Adventure in Devising Theater and Storytelling

Giving your students the gift of time with this forty hour (minium) exploration of building a story with your community. Whether it be in direct correlation with current issues/celebrations in the community or the birthing of a new idea. B4 The Other facilitates, directs, produces, and creates a performance on the foundation of what the community feels called to explore.


This residency requires each student to take personal responsibility for who they are and what the offer in the room as a creative individual. There is no one way to collaborate or learn. We offer the students to see and hear one another past our differences and embrace them as our strengths. True generosity is listening with more than just our ears. It simply takes a moment to see the others around you and then we are not strangers anymore.


This experience creates a common language that will build a foundation of brave space for the students to hold for one another. Reinforcing the soft skills we need to thrive in the world not only as artist but as human beings. Learning how to communicate clearly on who they are and what they need, collaborating with others, empathy and centering techniques, creative expression, and having a horizon in sight.


It's time to live in the 'Wow' B4 figuring out the 'How'. Let's create a performance the students can truly own and shine bright in the colors of their choice!​

"The Plays The Thing" Residency

Shakespeare’s Words & Worlds to Explore and Devise

One of the riches landscapes ever created in literature has been the amazing Comedies, Tragedies, Histories and Romances of Shakespeare’s plays. Using these words and worlds the ensemble will create their own landscapes in order to explore how they want to play and what they want to speak to. The opportunities will feel endless...


Starting from a chosen theme as our jumping off point, the ensemble will create an original performance piece (minimum of twenty hours) using only Shakespeare’s words, characters and situations as our framework to build from. Every ensemble member will have the opportunity to speak and perform as much text as they have capacity to hold. A residency like this offers a way for everyone to have the "Lead" as it is an ensemble exploration and focuses on the entire community for it’s creation.


We will not change or contemporize the text as it is rich, bold, and needs no reframing in order to understand or excuse. Using Shakespeare’s words in this way will allow the ensemble to hold space (the process of being without needing to fix, reassure, or validate) for the grandness of the words and situations. To inhabit them and feel the fullness of the moment through boundless poetry rich with rhythm and emotion.


These pieces can include all that Shakespeare’s worlds include from Army Battles and Love Scene’s to Slapstick Clowning and Community Dance…It is all up to us!


Shakespeare’s words have held so much for us and has stood the test of time. Are you ready to build upon it?

Mission: B4 The Other Creations strives to build stronger communities by holding space for the common experience through education and performance. Changing the language to change the story to one of abundance by deep diving into the core values of effort, risk, buoyancy, generosity, and vulnerability. Paving a path of Vibrational Activism in our everyday world.



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