Skills & Application Offerings

Masterclasses based in Physical and Performative Theater.  

Specializing in Shakespeare, Clown, Mask, Comedic Stage Combat, Dance, Musical Theater, and more!

*Three Hour Minimum – Fifteen Hour Maximum suggested for workshop lengths.

Price varies with hours and travel ($425 - $1,650). Contact The Core of B4 for scheduling and booking information specific for your community.*


An Exploration in the World of Clown

B4's play filled pedagogy is designed to keep participants, of all ages and abilities, on their toes in a truly engaging way in order to allow for expansion and growth into the unknown spaces of creativity and innovation.

B4TheOther is cracking open the funny by first finding focus in rhythm, timing, generosity, and buoyancy. We will deep dive into the world and history of Clown (Lecoq lineage) to discover the theatrical benefits of simply being.


With playful risk taking, this workshop explores the balance of what it means to be selfish while also being selfless in the creative process. Deepening the trust, connection, and the language we use to collaborate with one another. Activating PLAY with your inner clown and the fools around you!


Come ready to jump in! 1 2 3…


A Workshop Based in Timing, Rhythm, and Combat Clowning

How is the physical story told? What is needed in order for the actor/audience relationship to be clear and repeatable in performance. Why is there a need for this? Are the narrative and character’s journey being served by the physical storytelling in order to best serve the author's intention? 


This workshop is valuable to every performer, teacher, choreographer, and director who wants to explore and understand the fundamentals of physical timing driven by character intentions and motivations. Through physical combat we explore how to hit, slip, trip, stand up, and fall down over and over again.


Take a moment and give yourself the gift of finding your unique rhythms and fullness of space as we explore scale, repetition, and timing in the world of clown in order to serve our combat needs.


An Exploration of Somatic Movement to Ignite Creativity

How many people do you know who willingly step into the unknown with joy and availability?


This masterclass takes us out of our head and into our bodies to ignite creative energy and explore new possibilities. B4 offers an experience of being fully present in our bodies to invite organic flow and authenticity to each individual. Generating space for further expansion in all we do and are; our breath, our bodies, our focus, and creativity.


B4’s process uses a blend of somatic movement, physical theater, vulnerability exercises, foundational breathing techniques, and play exploration to tap into our most authentic stories to share with the world.


A Workshop Focused on Building Character and Performing in Mask

Theatrical mask training is and has been invaluable to the performer through history as it requires an physical and emotional engagement as well as a specificity to the play that is larger than life and can find a home on every stage. The use of mask in performance has been around since the dawn of theatre, storytelling and education as a unique tool that still holds a important space in theatre today.


This workshop will give the performer the opportunity to investigate the physical form through activities and play with different types of Masks. Understanding how the body moves, how it isolates and how it suggests emotion and intention is essential to building a physical language needed to give the Mask life! The Mask must see and breathe and so the exploration dives into our efforts on a minimum to maximum scale in order to find character and story.


The Masks we explore with include Neutral, Larval, Commedia, Elemental and Trestle Masks. Having the opportunity to play in different Masks gives a wide Landscape for play and discovery.


An Exercise in Building Intuitive Choreography

It is time to give yourself permission to get it wrong in order to find what feels truly “right” for you.

Understanding how the body moves, how it isolates and how it suggests emotion and intention is essential to building dynamic performance and storytelling. 

In this masterclass we begin to unlearn the societal conditioning of the technique that makes a performer either “good” or “bad”. This change in perspective makes space for new physical language to come to life and be seen. Through dance, somatic movement, physical theater, play exploration, and breathing techniques we hold space (the process of being without needing to fix, reassure, or validate) and be witness to one another's creations. 


B4’s process allows the individual a deeper understanding of self that ripples into clear, dynamic, and compelling storytelling that can only be validated by the self.

Mission: B4 The Other Creations strives to build stronger communities by holding space for the common experience through education and performance. Changing the language to change the story to one of abundance by deep diving into the core values of effort, risk, buoyancy, generosity, and vulnerability. Paving a path of Vibrational Activism in our everyday world.



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