Vibrational Activism Offerings

Masterclasses based in Leadership and Community Building.

Specializing in Repairing Communities, Trauma Resilience, and Professional Development.

*Three Hour Minimum – Fifteen Hour Maximum suggested for workshop lengths.

Price varies with hours and travel ($425 - $1,650). Contact The Core of B4 for scheduling and booking information specific for your community.*

B4's play filled pedagogy is designed to keep participants, of all ages and abilities, on their toes in a truly engaging way in order to allow for expansion and growth into the unknown spaces of creativity and innovation.


An Exercise in Building Foundational Community

This workshop is designed to give the participants an experience and understanding of foundational ensemble and community building techniques. Every cast, class, and office requires a specific set of tools that includes exploration in vulnerability and play to give space for the process of "coming together". 

Understanding the unique community in which you play and creating a personal language, a point of view to speak to the communities' desires and creative needs is essential for healthy collaboration. How do you best serve the room without bargaining who you are? Who are the others in the room with you? How can we all contribute to the bigger picture at play? Whatever you bring to the table is needed, is desired, and is celebrated.

Devising is a process with many variations. It is not the traditional way, therefore, there is a need for the community to understand why it is important for each and every one to give voice to his, her, or their needs and apply these given talents to the process of creating.


An Application of Buoyancy in Your Creative Process

How do you persevere in the face of failure? How do you allow reckless celebration in the face of victory?


This application helps build courage to show up, in real time, with all of our baggage as the abundant choice. As opposed to living in scarcity of being too much or not being enough. Reinforcing that who we are is built from how we decide to get up from our struggle, not the struggle itself.


This workshop offers participants a brave creative space to share their stories as well as hold space (the process of being without having to fix, reassure, or validate) while witnessing others. Creating an atmosphere of celebration, self love, and union as we bloom together.


An Application of Owning Perspective & Being Open to Change

What does it take to be seen... truly seen in all of your faults and beauty? We now find ourselves in a landscape of diversity, gender fluidity, and consent. The need to explore self and self awareness with an eye towards identity and self reflection is needed more and more everyday.

Our vision is to find expansion in all we do and are; our breath, our bodies, our focus, and creativity. Being seen is to be grounded and fully present and the benefits are exponential to the soul.

This masterclass (or set of masterclasses) gives your community the opportunity to grow through vulnerability exercises, foundational breathing techniques, and play exploration. Creating and holding space (the process of being without needing to fix, reassure, or validate) for the opportunity to meet your personal resistance and evolve in real time.


Being seen for all you are and all you have yet to become.


An Examination of Language in Leadership (Past , Present, and Future)

What are the words that make you feel brave enough to leap into the unknown? Trust someone? Or fall back into old patterns? This workshop explores the need to always be reexamining “the story” we tell others and ourselves in order to be who we want people to see in the room. Reinforcing old stories, like badges of honor that keep us hard and stagnant in the ways of the past, never allow ourselves the time and space to truly evolve towards a new and unknown self. The passionate and always creative self.


Through Devised/Physical Theatre and Intentionality exercises the group will find its words and its feet together through new and old challenging exercises.


A common experience creates a common language. In doing this, we can create a new landscape for investigation and push against the paradigm the keeps us all down and locked into our little boxes of exploration.


It is time to Change the language so that we can change the story both personally and collectively. 


An Eximination of the Systems We Move Through

This workshop offers teachers and students (authorities and staff) a common experience to develop a common language to further expand on in the classroom or office space. We believe that there is no difference between teacher and student as we are always learning from one another.


This workshop explores what it means to exude curiosity and where that lives within the education system; as a student, for your students, with your students. Taping back into the heart of what our individual passion is and how to see each student as their own individual learner.


Breaking down the difference between education (horizontal learning and facilitating) and training (vertical learning and training). Our focus is on personal effort, risk, momentum, and generosity in your individual learning process. Making space to unlearn the "right" ways we have been conditioned with, to truly understand what resonates with who you are and how you facilitate. 


Are you ready to fail gloriously and build a stronger community?


Holding Space to Build Compassionate Community

How often do you bargain who you are in order to feel belonging?


This masterclass helps build courage and empathy to show up, in real time, with compassion for the self and generosity for others. Through the application of Vibrational Activism we learn how the individual holds space (the process of being without needing to fix, reassure, or validate) to consciously evolve in the face of resistance.


B4 facilitates an honest, accepting, and daring space to explore the duality of the self in order to gain deeper awareness of what is best serving you in each moment. How to expand and release into the unknown. Through language reframing, physical theater, vulnerability exercises, breathing techniques, and play exploration we strengthen the skills we need to thrive within community.


Afterall, you are at your most compelling when you are at your least composed. 

Mission: B4 The Other Creations strives to build stronger communities by holding space for the common experience through education and performance. Changing the language to change the story to one of abundance by deep diving into the core values of effort, risk, buoyancy, generosity, and vulnerability. Paving a path of Vibrational Activism in our everyday world.



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