Vibrational Activism

I was gifted a phrase from a dear friend, Piper, after a sacred forest medicine ceremony. We were standing silently in the kitchen enjoying the taste of blueberries after fasting for the day. Just as the berry burst in flavor Piper broke our silence and said “you are a vibrational activists.” The earth shook, I inhaled deeply into my core and exhaled purple light. Our mouths agape with joyful surprise as so many truths formed in perfect lines among our spines. Connecting all of our energetic portals from lifetimes to the present moment. This was the title I had been searching for to describe who I am and what I offer. This is the merging of worlds that Christopher and I make possible through “being for The Other”.

She had experienced our workshop the week prior and couldn’t get over the vital force of the play in today's world. The phrase “holding space” kept coming up while people described what they experienced in our room. Changing the language of our facilitating. We see holding space as listening to listen without needing to fix, reassure, or advise. Being genuinely engaged in the moment is enough, simply being as you are. This can empower the other to evolve to the next moment in their own divine time. Creating a space that is not only safe but brave enough to hold the most daring of hearts. Hearts that you want to follow fearlessly into battle. 

We make this possible through the path of Vibrational Activism. The ingredients for this perfect blend of spirituality, compassion, and core grounding technique is simple:

  • Bounce Back

  • Allow Space

  • Let Go

  • Love unconditionally


When we believe that everything in life is bigger than us we open ourselves up to transcendence. Preaching it is one thing while truly living it is another. How many people do you know who willingly step into the unknown with joy and availability?


Our process is a breaking of societal conditioning in order to get back to your gut response. We wholeheartedly believe that horizontal teaching/learning is our greatest asset. Meeting the student exactly where they are in the process instead of where you think they “should” be. In our experience this kicks the ego out the door and allows it to be purely about the other. Creating skills that surpass the time offered in the workshops. Yeah, everyone doesn't get a medal. Validation from self is the sweetest victory there is. No more “good” and “bad”. No more “right” and “wrong”. No more vertical teaching/learning, where you are living up to an authorities expectation. Wether that happens to be your boss, your director, or even your family. There is a bittersweetness in achieving the goal in a vertical system that tends to leaves you feeling like it isn't, you aren’t enough.  Working until inevitably something breaks in your reality.

We are not victim to our choices, we create them. B4’s process reawakens your intuition to make conscious deliberate choices while leading. Even if that choice fails in front of the group. Failure is one of our greatest teachers and the only place it hurts is our ego. Vibrational Activism strives to move past the ego to evolve in real time with a community.  Anywhere and at any age leadership happens vibrational activism can happen.

The vibration starts with you.

-Co Founder and Vibrational Activist

Malia'Kekia Nicolini

Mission: B4 The Other Creations strives to build stronger communities by holding space for the common experience through education and performance. Changing the language to change the story to one of abundance by deep diving into the core values of effort, risk, buoyancy, generosity, and vulnerability. Paving a path of Vibrational Activism in our everyday world.



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